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The Keys to Facing Fear

Facing fear can be a huge task when you are dealing with problems that seem like they can’t be solved.

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Lately, I’ve been meeting quite a few women who are dealing with extremely challenging circumstances. It is very difficult for them to stop thinking about these issues because their problems seem to have so much control over their lives.

While I’m not personally dealing with major challenges right now (thank you Divine Spirit!), I know how scary some challenges are to face.

I’ve gone through some really difficult times in my life – money problems, loss of jobs, a 4-year lawsuit, difficulties with my son, among others. Sometimes the challenges were so scary, I felt like I was holding onto my faith by one finger.

When you are filled with fear because you are facing a huge challenge, it can be a struggle to stay positive. It feels almost impossible not to let worry control you. However, that is exactly what you must do if you ever hope to move through it and come out on the other side.

Whatever you focus on, especially if it is fueled by a lot of emotion, the Universe will bring into your life. It has no other choice.

Whatever we think about, we bring about.

This is the main reason why even when your problems seem insurmountable, you must face your fears by taking control over your thoughts.

This article on the Keys to Mastering Fear can help you overcome your challenges. It provides you with tips you can use to take control of your fear instead of letting it take control of you.

Whenever I’m facing fear, I always turn to a beloved list of powerful spiritual quotes. These inspirational quotes help me have faith during the most difficult times in my life. These words of spiritual wisdom help my mind stay focused on the truth that, regardless of what the circumstances may look like, Spirit is still with me and is turning the situation into something positive.

EVERY TIME I work with these statements, things always turn out well. I encourage you to grab a copy for yourself so you can focus on them whenever you are facing big challenges. (You can change the word God to Spirit/Life/Divine/Universe or any other word that resonates with you.)


No matter what difficult circumstance you might be dealing with, there is ALWAYS a spiritual solution to it. When you keep your thoughts focused on the idea that things are working out well, you give the Universe permission to create a wonderful solution for you.

Spiritual Practices You Need to Use

One of the things I’ve noticed lately is that my students who get the best results are the ones who commit to doing regular spiritual practices. There are other women who only do spiritual practices occasionally, or not at all.

I can’t tell you how frustrated I get when I’ve taught women strategies that work and then when I ask them, “Have you done …?” they respond with, ”Oh. I forgot.” or “I never got around to doing it.”

Urgh! ☹

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Many years ago, I was a dancing teacher. Every week I spent time doing the basics of ballet, tap, and jazz. No matter how good I got, I still committed to practicing the basics of dance. Before a performance I spent even more time on my routines until I could do them flawlessly.

After a performance people would come up to me and say, “You were so good. I wish I could dance like you.”

The only reason I danced so well, is because I spent so many hours doing the practices that I knew would get me the results I wanted. I would never dream of getting on stage for a performance and expect to dance well if I hadn’t practiced and practiced and practiced beforehand.

It’s the same thing with you and your business.

You can only expect to get good results if you are willing to do the practices that are necessary to achieve high levels of performance. Adding regular spiritual practices to your business activities can help you achieve amazing results!

Here are some of my favorite practices. They can help you in manifesting your dreams and big goals–

  • Setting intentions for specific tasks and activities so the Law of Attraction brings me the results I want. (If you want to learn a simple process to do this effectively, click here.

  • Getting quiet and spending time with the Divine so I feel a strong connection with Spirit.

  • Living in my vision throughout the day as if it is already my reality.

  • Asking for Divine Guidance in almost everything I do – when I am working with a client, when I am creating content for my website/blog or a course, or when I am not sure about which action I should follow.

  • Being grateful for the blessings that I already enjoy.

  • Recognizing and appreciating the good things I’ve accomplished that day.

  • Sharing my gifts with world through my time, talents, and money.

I want you to be so successful in your business that it surpasses your wildest dreams. I know that regardless of how successful you are right now, you will achieve more success, and it will be easier and more enjoyable, if you commit to doing regular spiritual practices.

I encourage you to make the decision to do daily spiritual manifestation practices. You can do the ones I’ve mentioned here or choose others that will help you attract success, abundance, and other blessings.

I’m sure you will be thrilled with the results!

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