Manifesting a New House is Easy
When You Follow These Simple Steps

by Della Menechella

Manifesting a new house

Manifesting a new house in Florida had been a dream of mine for many years. I frequently talked about it with friends, but I never really thought it was a possibility. Then something changed.

My son and daughter-in-law told me that they were going to move to Florida in a few months – with my grandkids.

I couldn’t believe it! The idea of not seeing my grandchildren was too painful to think about. I told my husband that I was serious about selling our New Jersey home and finding a new place in Florida. He agreed and we put our house on the market and sold it shortly afterward.

That was the easy part. The challenging part was deciding where to live.

I had no idea about Florida other than visiting some tourist spots on vacations. I didn’t know which were good areas and which we should avoid. The only thing I did know was that I wanted to be less than 45 minutes away from my grandchildren and that the house had to be in an active adult community. Other than that, I was open to any good ideas.

Partnering with the Divine

I am a firm believer that if I am going to be doing anything important, I am not going to do it alone. I decided to partner with the Divine during the entire process of finding the perfect place to live.

I might have a lot of good ideas but any ideas I could come up with would never match the wisdom and intelligence of the Universe. I was committed to engaging in spiritual practices during every step of my journey so I would know that my husband and I were making the right decision for us.

Process for Manifesting a New House

These are the steps I followed to manifest our dream house. They helped me move out of fear, anxiety, and overwhelm into our beautiful new home.

1. Ask For Guidance – I asked the Universe to guide me to those areas which would be good possibilities. I spent a lot of time researching different areas in Florida that might be a good fit for us. At first, I felt like I wasn’t making much progress especially because I had no idea what these areas were really like. But I kept on asking for guidance and I discovered an area that I had never heard of before – Port St. Lucie.

Manifesting steps

2. Be Specific – Once I found the location that we wanted to live in, I created a list of important features of the house and community that would fit us. I outlined everything I wanted to manifest in our new house including how much I wanted it to cost, the number and types of rooms, the HOA fee, the mortgage rate, types of friends we wanted. I put down everything important to me. I wanted the Universe to have a very clear idea of what type of house I wanted it to manifest for me.

(If you’re interested in learning an incredibly powerful method for directing the Universe to bring you what you want, grab your free copy of my eBook which describes the process that I always use for manifesting.)

3. Visualize – Once I knew what type of house I wanted to live in, I got the floor plan of a model that I thought would work for us. Every day I imagined that we were living in this new home and spending time with family and friends here. In my mind, I would walk through every room in this house and feel a sense of joy and gratitude that this house was ours.

4. Speak it into the Universe – Before we even moved out of New Jersey, I used to tell people that my husband and I were going to move to a beautiful new active, adult community in Port St. Lucie. I know that the Universe is always listening to the words that we speak and it is using those words to get information about what it is going to create for us. So I spoke as if it was already a done deal.

5. Be Realistic (but not too much) – When I created my outline of what I wanted in our house, I included some items that were important to me but didn’t seem to be likely to happen. One of the items that I included on my list was the very low rate that I wanted on our mortgage. It didn’t seem like a possibility, but it was the rate I wanted, so I imagined that it was already true. It manifested!

6. Be flexible –When you are starting the process of manifesting a new house you will be dealing with limited information. As more information becomes available you need to be willing to change course if necessary.

When I first began visualizing the house I wanted, I choose the floor plan of a builder’s model that I thought would work for us. As things kept changing in the housing market, I realized that that model house wouldn’t be a good fit. So I started visualizing a different model with another builder. That turned out to be the one that we bought and moved into.

Manifesting your desires

7. Be consistent – I faithfully did my spiritual practices every day. Consistency is a key ingredient in manifesting a new house. The Universe responds to our habitual thoughts and feelings. Whatever we think about, the Universe brings about.

I needed to keep my thoughts and feelings focused on what I wanted. Every day I set an intention for the Universe to manifest my dream home. I never let one day go by without directing the Universe. This consistency gave clear direction to the Universe and it delivered everything I asked for!

8. Keep the faith – Manifesting a new house doesn’t happen in a minute. (In my case, it took a year and a half from the time we decided to relocate until the day we moved into our dream home.) During that time many things seemed like they were going to interfere with our plans. This is where keeping the faith comes in.

You must see what you want to see regardless of what is showing up in front of you. I kept the faith by continually setting my intention and visualizing my house. It wasn’t easy but I did it. And now I am enjoying the results of all my good spiritual work.

Manifesting a New House (Or Anything Else)

Manifesting a new house is easy when you follow these steps. And you can use the same process for anything else you would like to create in your life. Here is a review of the steps –

1. Ask For Guidance

2. Be Specific

3. Visualize

4. Speak it into the Universe

5. Be Realistic (but not too much)

6. Be Flexible

7. Be Consistent

8. Keep the Faith

You are a powerful spiritual being and you are here to enjoy your life. You have the right and the ability to direct the Universe to create whatever you want. Follow these simple steps and watch the blessings that manifest in your life.

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