Why Improving Self-Confidence
Should Be Your Top Priority

by Della Menechella

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Improving self-confidence might not be high on your priority list, but if it isn’t, it should be. As a spiritual woman entrepreneur, you are meant to feel good about yourself and to feel worthy to receive life’s blessings. However, if you don’t think well of yourself, not only will you suffer emotionally, but you will also be limiting the amount of good that you allow into your life.

What is self-confidence? It is (1) a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, judgment, (2) confidence in one’s powers and abilities.

You might not have been lucky enough to be born into a family where others supported you and strengthened your opinion of yourself. So improving self-confidence might be something you aren’t used to doing. While you can’t change your past, you have the power to change your future. And one of the ways that you can change your future is to make improving self-confidence something that you work on every day.

Benefits of Improving Self-Confidence

  • Higher Self-Esteem – When you believe in yourself, it helps boost your self-esteem. You know that you aren’t a victim of life’s circumstances. You can change things that you don’t like and you can achieve the things that you want.

  • Positive Attitude – Improving self-confidence can lead you to have an overall positive attitude about life. When you have a positive attitude, you expect things to work out well for you. And your positive expectations will go a long way toward helping you achieve your goals.

  • Less Fears and Doubts – When you aren’t sure about your ability to accomplish what you want, you’re likely to be filled with many fears and doubts. You might be afraid of making mistakes and you will likely be overly concerned with what other people think of you. When you work on your self-confidence, you will probably attempt to do things that you haven’t done before. You will realize that even if you make a mistake, it doesn’t reflect on your worthiness as a person. You will also feel less stress that constantly harboring fears and doubts can generate. You will feel a greater sense of peace and well-being.
  • Improved Feelings of Self-Worth – You will only allow as much good into your life as you feel you deserve. Too many women don’t feel like they deserve more of life’s blessings. There is an abundance of good that is ready to show up in your life, but if you don’t think much of yourself, you block the amount of good that you will experience. When you feel worthy and valuable, you help remove the blocks that are standing in the way of your blessings.

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  • Better Relationships – When you feel good about yourself, you will attract people into your life who value and appreciate you. These healthy relationships help boost your own opinion of yourself. When you like and appreciate yourself, you will be able to share yourself more freely with others.

  • Improved Performance – If you are constantly filled with self-doubt, it is going to have a negative effect on your performance. Even if you have talents and abilities, when you are worried that you aren’t good enough, you will not be able to let yourself shine. Research has shown that when you believe in yourself, your performance level will improve.|

  • Be Authentically You – When you feel comfortable in your own skin, you can let the magnificent woman that you are shine through. Worrying about what others will think about you can be exhausting. Being authentically who you really are is so liberating, and it allows you to share your gifts with the world in a way that only you can do.

  • Increased Resiliency – No matter how capable you are or how much you plan, sometimes negative things just happen. When you have a high level of self-confidence you are not thrown off course by life’s challenges. You know that you have what it takes to overcome them. You will be able to take a breath, regroup, and handle the challenges successfully.

  • Fulfilling Your Life Purpose - You are not an “extra” in life. There never has been and there never will be someone like you. The Universe created you to do something only you can do. When you believe in yourself and feel valuable, you are more likely to share your gifts with the world. You will be willing to be the person the Universe created you to be.

You are not an “extra” in life. There never has been

and there never will be someone like you.

Tips for Improving Self-Confidence

Here are some tips that can help you increase your confidence level. Start working with one and then add others as you move forward.

  • Focus on Three – Every night before you go to sleep, come up with 3 things that you’ve done well. I learned this technique from a neuroscientist, and it is a very powerful practice. Instead of looking for things you didn’t do well (like many of the women that I coach), force yourself to find 3 things that you’ve done well during the day.

  • Change Your Physiology –Your mind and body are intimately connected. When you change one, it automatically affects the other. If you are feeling unsure of yourself, you are very likely holding your body in a way that is causing you to feel tentative or uncertain. Change your physiology to a posture that will support you in feeling confident. It is one of the fastest ways that you can go from feeling uncertain or unsure of yourself to feeling confident, positive, and self-assured.

  • Be Kind to Yourself – Too many women are so hard on themselves. If they make a mistake, they tell themselves, “What an idiot I am!” or “How can I be so stupid?” They treat themselves so badly. You want to be kind to yourself. Treat yourself the way you would treat your dearest friend or loved one.

  • Set Achievable Goals – One of the best methods for improving self-confidence is to set achievable goals and to work towards them. These can be either business or personal goals. Set a goal that is a stretch for you, but you believe that you have a good shot at achieving it. Then set up a plan and take consistent action towards that goal. When you have achieved it, recognize your accomplishment, and feel proud of yourself for a job well done.
  • Be a Duck - Don’t worry about what other people think. Ducks have a gland that secretes a wax-like substance. They coat their feathers with this substance, so water rolls off their backs. Be like a duck and let other people’s negative comments and criticisms roll off your back. I keep a plastic duck on my desk to remind myself that I can let other people’s negativity roll out of my mind like water rolls off a duck’s back.


  • Surround Yourself With Positive People – Spend time with people who lift you up and believe in you and minimize your time with those who sap your energy. Life is precious, and you deserve to be around people who care about you and who help you feel better about yourself.

  • Move Beyond Your Comfort Zone – If you always stay within your comfort zone, you will never grow. You should regularly be doing things that are a stretch for you. You can plan to attend a new networking event, find an opportunity to speak in public, or approach a potential client. The more often you do things that are a little uncomfortable for you, the easier it becomes.

  • Recognize Your Accomplishments –So many women minimize their achievements. They say things like, “I haven’t really done anything special.” I’m sure you have had many successes in your life, and it’s time for you to acknowledge them. You aren’t coming from a place of ego when you do this, but from a place of gratitude that you were able to do many things well.

  • Lean on the Divine – One of the best ways of improving self-confidence is to work on your spiritual connection and to partner with the Divine. When you commit to having a Divine Partnership, you will always be supported in whatever you do. It takes a lot of the stress away from trying to figure out everything on your own. The Divine loves and adores you and is always ready to help you accomplish your heart’s desires. 

Become Happier

One of the most important reasons for you to make improving self-confidence a priority in your life is this -- you will be happier overall. Life will feel easier and more joyful. You will feel that you are important and that you matter to the Universe.

Whatever your level of self-confidence is now, you can improve it. You were created to enjoy your life to the greatest extent possible. Work on valuing and appreciating yourself, so you can create a space where all the blessings that are waiting for you can flow into your life.

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