Words of Spiritual Encouragement
Can Keep You on the Road
to Success and Prosperity


By Della Menechella

The road you travel as a spiritual female entrepreneur can sometimes be hard and rocky. That’s when words of spiritual encouragement can be the perfect tool to get you back on track. 

Whether you are just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey or trying to level up your business, there is a good chance that you will face some challenges. That’s when turning to spiritual words of encouragement can be your best plan of action.

Focus on Spiritual Truth

Why is it so important to focus on spiritual truth when you are facing challenges? It’s because when you are facing challenges, there is a very good chance that your mind is going to start drifting into negative territory. And when negative thoughts infiltrate your mind, it won’t matter how much action you take to meet your challenges; there is a good chance that you won’t be successful.

Life is lived from the inside out. Your predominant train of thought will eventually attract corresponding circumstances into your life. If you begin to be filled with fears and doubts when you are working through challenges, you will attract more challenges into your life. This isn’t just an opinion. It is Universal Law.

Life is lived from the inside out.

Whenever I am faced with any challenges in my life and I find that my thoughts are becoming negative, I turn to my favorite manifesting mastery teachers and read their words of spiritual encouragement. These words always help get my thinking back on track.

I have been on a spiritual path for more than thirty years, and I have faced many seemingly impossible challenges. I cannot count the number of times that I have turned to spiritual truth to help me restore my faith. They are powerful tools that I turn to over and over again.

I am delighted to share words of wisdom from some of my favorite spiritual teachers, so they can be powerful tools for you to use too.

Words of Spiritual Encouragement about Personal Power

“No person, no place, and no thing has any power over us, for we are the only thinkers in our mind.  We create our experiences, our reality, and everyone in it.”

Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life

“The Law of Pure Potentiality … is based on the fact that we are, in our essential state, pure consciousness.  Pure consciousness is pure potentiality; it is the field of all possibilities and infinite creativity.”

Deepak Chopra, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

“You are Life – and life is bigger than the way it expresses itself. This means what you are transcends the way you are living as a human being, what you have accomplished and what you intend to accomplish.”

David J. Walker, You are Enough

“God has given you everything.  ALL is yours, and you know that all you have to do is to reach out your mental hand and take it.”

Genevieve Behrend, Your Invisible Power

Words of Spiritual Encouragement About Health

“We must forever rid ourselves of the idea that it is the personal man/woman who does the healing.  We must know that it is not I but the Father that dwelleth in me, He doeth the works.

Ernest Holmes, Living the Science of Mind

Man/Woman is not a body containing a mind; (s)he is a mind operating through a body.”

Frederick Bailes, Your Mind Can Heal You

Spiritually, you have always been healthy, only there have been lapses in your knowledge of this.”

Raymond Charles Barker, Treat Yourself to Life

Woman Exercising

Words of Spiritual Encouragement About Abundance

“You determine your financial flow. Your money represents your thinking – conscious and subconscious. You are your own paymaster, the only paymaster.”

Robert Bitzer, Collected Essays of Robert Bitzer

“There is a Divine Mind counterpart for every human need. There is an answer for every problem, substance for every financial requirement, a job for every willing worker.”

Eric Butterworth, Spiritual Economics

“We were not born to suffer. We were born to live life lovingly, joyously, and to multiply our good.”

Frank E. Richelieu, The Art of Being Yourself

Words of Spiritual Encouragement About Faith

“God always works with you when you ask Him to and when you have faith that He is doing so. Then your prayer cannot fail. It is God who is changing things and not you.”

Emmet Fox, Stake Your Claim

“No matter what the circumstance, how difficult or how impossible you feel it may be, God will see you through.”

Mary L. Kupferle, God Will See You Through

“Remember this: Desire in the heart for anything is God’s sure promise sent beforehand to indicate that it is yours already in the limitless realm of supply, and whatever you want you can have for the taking.”

H. Emilie Cady, Lessons in Truth

Words of Spiritual Encouragement About Love

“I am sustained by the Love of God.”

A Course in Miracles, Foundation for Inner Peace

“Love isn’t a reward we receive when we become good.  Love is the essence of our being, no matter how we’re acting. It is the power of goodness that is always in us, ready to let us make something more out of it.”

J. Kennedy Shultz, You Are the Power

“Love is the equalizing, harmonizing, balancing, adjusting force that is ever at work throughout the universe. Working in these ways, love can do for you what you cannot humanly do for yourself.”

Catherine Ponder, Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

Heart Made by Hands

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve read these words of spiritual encouragement, how can you use them?

  • Choose the ones that most resonate with you and keep them in a place where you can easily access them.

  • Post some of your favorite ones in places where you can see them regularly.

  • Choose a quote and meditate on it. Feel the words in every part of your mind and body.

  • Journal about a specific quote. What limiting beliefs can you let go of? What new possibilities are now available to you?

  • Each week, choose one quote and act as if you believed it was already true for you. How would you act differently?

By relying on spiritual words of encouragement when you’re facing challenges, or any time you want to have a deeper understanding of how the universe works, you will have a powerful tool that can help you achieve success, abundance, and well-being. Use them, and use them often.

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