These Spiritual Awakening Signs Can
Lead to Your Success and Prosperity

By Della Menechella

Signs Spiritual Awakening

What do spiritual awakening signs have to do with your success and prosperity? The short answer is – EVERYTHING!

As a spiritual woman entrepreneur, you can go about your life and business the hard way or the easier way. The hard way is to only focus on the external things in your life – your current situation, the actions you may or may not be taking, and trying different things to make your business and life more joyful and successful.

The easier way is to tap into your spiritual side before, and together with, any actions you might take. Your spiritual nature is never limited by any conditions or circumstances, and it can help you accomplish all your goals. That’s why it’s important for you to work on developing your spiritual side and understand how you are doing with it.

Women often ask me what the important spiritual awakening signs are for manifesting. Many of them think they need to experience some grand epiphany to prove they have made progress. When that doesn’t happen, they can feel frustrated because they are conscientiously working to make spirituality a major part of their lives. Yet they don’t feel that they are moving forward. What they may not understand is …

...the signs of spiritual awakening can often be very subtle.

What Are Some Key Spiritual Awakening Signs?

There are many signs of spiritual awakening, but these are the most important for your ability to manifest successfully and consistently.

Not a Victim – One of the earliest signs is recognizing that you are not a victim of life. Many women believe that life just happens to them and that they don’t really have any control over events.

That is not true!

The first step in making progress in your spiritual development is to know that your thoughts absolutely affect every aspect of your life. If you want the circumstances in your life to change, then you must learn to master your thinking!

If you want the circumstances in your life to change,

then you must learn to master your thinking!

Life is a Mirror – Another one of the key spiritual awakening signs is to understand that your life mirrors your deeply held thoughts and beliefs. Many people don’t like to hear this (I actively resisted this idea the first time I heard it), but it is true. You are never going to be able to change your outside circumstances unless you are willing to take an honest look at what you really believe.

Woman Mirror Face Only

Take the example of lack. Are you faced with a lack of money, health, support, or success? If you are, then check your thinking. Do you believe that you aren’t good enough or that you are lacking in some way? Do you believe that you don’t deserve the best? If you do, then you will probably experience lack in different areas of your life. How you treat yourself is how the world will treat you.

If you want to realize your dreams, then you must begin to value and appreciate yourself and know that you deserve the very best that life has to offer.

Spirit is Your Supply - Another important sign of spiritual awakening is to understand that the Divine/Universe/Spirit/God is the source of your money and every other good you could possibly imagine.

Many women confuse a channel with their Source. Some channels might be your customers/clients, money from investments, or income from other sources. But these are only channels through which your good flows, they aren’t your source. When you begin to realize that Spirit, and Spirit alone, is the source of your supply, you will realize that if one channel closes, another one will open.

There is no Limit to Good - I can’t count the number of women who tell me that they feel guilty about wanting to experience greater good in their lives. They feel that they are being greedy because others might not be as blessed as they are. Does this sound like you? This comes from an underlying belief that there is only so much good to go around, and if you accept more, then someone else will have less.

This is another lie!

So, another spiritual awakening sign is to recognize that you live in an Infinite Universe and there is more than enough good for you and everyone else on this planet.

Turning to Prayer/Setting Intentions – One of the most important spiritual awakening signs is turning to prayer or setting intentions whenever you encounter challenges.

I’ve had so many women in my classes describe the difficulties they are facing. When I ask them if they have prayed about it or set an intention in the Universe, they usually say no. If you are facing a problem, then the first thing you should do is to tell the Universe what you want it to do for you. Make the Divine a partner in the situation so you can get the results you want.

Meditation Practice- Engaging in regular meditation practice is another sign of spiritual awakening.

Woman Meditating

You are not just a flesh and blood woman. You are Divine! This is your real identity. Taking time to actively connect to the Divine within you is critical to your development, success, and overall well-being.

If you only pay attention to what is going on outside of you, then you begin to believe that it has power over you. When you turn within on a regular basis, you begin to loosen the control that the outside world has over you. Then you can live from a place of power and infinite possibility.

Some easy meditation techniques include doing a heart meditation where you feel the presence of Divine love, asking for clarity about a situation and paying attention to Divine guidance, or meditating on some words of wisdom.

One of my most powerful meditation practices is going on a walk and ‘having a chat with the Divine.’ I often use this process when I have been trying to get certain results and it doesn’t seem like anything is working. That’s when I tell the Divine, “You need to fix this.” Then I turn over the entire challenge and let the Divine come up with a solution.

Watch for the Small Signs

Spiritual Awakening Signs

You can see that some of these spiritual awakening signs are so subtle, you can easily miss them. Then you might think you aren’t making any progress at all. However, if you are regularly engaging in these activities, you are making huge strides forward on your road to success and prosperity.

If you haven’t made these a regular part of how you live your life, then I encourage you to start. Implementing these practices will make everything in your life better.

Remember, you can do things the hard way or the easier way. The choice is yours. Which one are you going to choose?

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