Top 25 Quotes About Success
to Supercharge Your Business

by Della Menechella

Achieve success

You were born to succeed. Working with quotes about success is an infrequently talked about, but very effective strategy to help you succeed in reaching your business goals. Why do they work? Because they help you keep focused on what you want to achieve.


It is probably very easy for you to reach small goals. When goals are easy to achieve, you usually don’t need a lot of motivation to do what it takes to accomplish them. However, how easy is it for you to stay motivated when it takes a long time to achieve your goals?


Building a successful business isn’t easy. It doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes the journey to success takes longer than you expect. (Sometimes a lot longer.☹) If you find yourself in this situation, then relying on quotes about success can be an effective strategy for you to use.


When your business goals are far away from where you are right now, you need all the encouragement you can get. When you encounter obstacles –- which is sure to happen –- it is very easy to give up. You can start to believe that you don’t have what it takes to succeed. 


But reading inspirational success quotes from people who also struggled, can give you that extra push to keep you moving forward. When you realize that the road to success for most people wasn’t easy, you begin to build confidence in yourself. If they can do, so can you!


How to Use Success Quotes

Some of these quotes about success and words of affirmation are inspirational.  They help lift up your attitude when you might be feeling down and discouraged. Read them when you need a little boost of motivation.


Others are actual strategies that you can use to reach your goals. Read them carefully – and more importantly – put them into action.  If you only read success quotations, and don’t do anything with them, you probably are not going to experience the results you want.

Inspirational Quotes About Success

1.  “Inbuilt into your consciousness there is a success mechanism.” 

       Raymond Charles Barker, You Are Invisible

2.  “Nothing stops the [wo]man who desires to achieve.  Every obstacle is simply a course to develop his/[her] achievement muscle.  It’s a strengthening of his/[her] powers of accomplishment.”

       Eric Butterworth


3.  "There is nothing in all the world to hold you back but yourself, i.e., your own thought and concept of yourself.”

       Joseph Murphy, Your Infinite Power to be Rich


4.  “We all know that it is impossible for one to become successful unless [s]he first identifies himself/[herself] with success.” 

       Ernest Holmes, Pray and Prosper

5.  “The key to exceptional production is the word let. Set your goal and then let the creativity, the energy and the intelligence of life flow through you to bring the goal into manifestation.”

       Jack Ensign Addington, All About Goals

Achieve your goal

Motivational Quotes About Success

6. “The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.”

       Vince Lombardi


7.  “Success is not something that must be deserved or earned.  It is more an inherent right – an inherent responsibility.  The only qualification for success is that you be you, that you utilize whatever combination of talent you possess to the fullest extent possible.”

       Keith DeGreen, Og Mandino’s University of Success


8.  “It is true that ‘the longer your good is in coming, the greater it will be when it comes,’ so persevere in your practice or prayer, meditation and inspirational study.”

       Catherine Ponder,  The Prospering Power of Prayer


9.  "Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing.”

       Abraham Lincoln


10. "When you know how to apply the powers of your mind, and when you are expressing yourself fully and giving of your talents to others, you are on the sure path to true success.”

       Joseph Murphy, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind


11. “Time and time again, psychological studies have shown that the basic reason for a person’s success is that [s]he expected to succeed.

       Dr. Robert Anthony, The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self-Confidence


12. “Success is a process of turning away from something in order to turn toward something better . . ."

       Jim Rohn, Seven Strategies for Wealth and Happiness


13. “The ninth best-kept secret of total success is that winners work at doing things the majority of the population are not willing to do.”

       Denis Waitley, Seeds of Greatness

Action Oriented Quotes About Success

14. “If you remember always to turn to God/[Spirit] each day for inspiration and help, the right ideas will find expression through your consciousness . . . the idea, born of God/[Spirit], will be a rich one, and you will be assured of ever-increasing prosperity and success.”

       May Rowland, Dare to Believe!


15.If you want to change some condition in your life, you must change your thought about it and keep it changed. Then the condition will change accordingly.”

       Emmet Fox, The Mental Equivalent


16. “Begin with the end in mind is based on the principle that all things are created twice. There’s a mental or first creation, and a physical or second creation to all things.”

       Stephen Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


17. “Never stop trying. Hold your ground and keep the forward stride.  As you sustain a positive consciousness, things will eventually move your way.”

       Stuart Grayson, The Ten Demandments of Prosperity


18. “Be like a postage stamp. Stick to it until you get there.”

       Bob Proctor

Stick to it - Persevere

19. “Remember, your rewards must always be in proportion to your service.  Find ways – good, solid, healthy ways – to increase your service, and your increased rewards will take care of themselves.”

       Earl Nightingale, Earl Nightingale’s Greatest Discovery


20. “Talk as if what you want is in the process of coming.”

       Abraham Hicks


21. “Everything is working for good in your life.  Believe this. Decree it. Speak it. Insist upon it. Persist in believing it. Be consistent in following through after speaking these words, by listening within for God’s/[Spirit’s] directions.”

       Mary Kupferle, God Will See You Through


22. “See yourself in your best moments; do not let success die. Keep on visualizing these good moments – no matter how few – and doggedly focus on these wonderful success pictures until you incorporate them into your basic personality.”

       Maxwell Maltz, Psycho-cybernetics and Self-Fulfillment


23. “Deny the appearance of evil; affirm good. Deny weakness; affirm strength. Deny an undesirable condition, and affirm the good you desire.”

       Emilie Cady, Lessons in Truth


24. “To ensure the absolute attainment of your goals, you must condition your nervous system in advance to feel the pleasure they will surely bring.  In other words, at least twice a day, you must rehearse and emotionally enjoy the experience of achieving each one of your most valued goals.”

       Anthony Robbins, Awaken the Giant Within


25.“If you have the courage and strength to hold on and refuse to give up, you dramatically increase your chances of winning.”

       A. L. Williams, All You Can Do is All You Can Do
     But All You Can Do is Enough!  


Setting Goals and Achieving Them

Your big business goals are waiting for you to achieve them. You need to take consistent action and stay positive until you finally reach them. Using these quotes about success can be a wonderful companion as you move along on your journey to achievement.  


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