How To Use The Law of Abundance
To Attract Prosperity Into Your Life

by Della Menechella

The Law of Abundance is one of several powerful metaphysical laws that exist throughout the universe. The problem is that, if you’re like most female entrepreneurs, you probably have never heard of it, or if you have, you don’t know how to use it to experience more abundance and prosperity in your life.

Wealth and Abundance

What is the Law of Abundance?

There is limitless abundance throughout the universe. No matter what level of good you can want, there is so much more that is available for you. Regardless of how much abundance and prosperity you enjoy, you cannot use up the abundance that is available because it is infinite. 

I know you have probably been taught just the opposite - that there is only so much good to go around.  If you accept more prosperity, you are being greedy and taking it away from someone else. You might have been taught this, but this is a BIG LIE. It isn’t the truth. There is more than enough abundance for every person on this planet to experience overflowing prosperity.

How Does the Law of Abundance Work?

The best way to explain how the Law of Abundance works is to use the analogy of soil. 

Planting in Soil

Soil has the intelligence to take a seed that is buried in it and grow a plant that corresponds to that seed. It doesn’t know or care what type of seed is being used; it only knows how to grow a plant that matches the seed. If you place tomato seeds in the soil, you are going to get tomatoes. If you plant cucumber seeds, you are going to get cucumbers. The soil always grows plants that match the seeds that are placed in it.

Blocking the Law of Abundance

The biggest problem that most women have with successfully using the Law of Abundance is that they are planting seeds they really don’t want to harvest. The “seeds” that I am talking about are negative thoughts.

Many women (maybe even you) are thinking thoughts such as:

  • I will never have enough money to live the way I want.

  • I can’t afford the things (car, house, vacation, etc.) that I really would like to have.

  • My financial situation is bad, and it is probably going to get worse. 

  • Why can’t I ever seem to get ahead?

  • Why do I always struggle to pay my bills?

Woman Struggling Bills

If you have thoughts of struggle or lack, then even though there is infinite prosperity available for you, the Law of Abundance cannot bring it to you. Your poverty beliefs are blocking its flow. The Law of Abundance operates through your predominant thoughts and grows matching circumstances in your life. (Remember the tomato and cucumber seeds?)

If you are serious about manifesting prosperity, you must place “seeds” or thoughts of abundance into the universal soil.

Work With the Law of Abundance So It Can Work for You

You need to train your mind to think of abundance and prosperity. It doesn’t matter if you’ve spent years focused on financial struggle or lack, you can turn things around. Start where you are right now.

  • Whatever level of good you are currently experiencing, have an attitude of gratitude about it. When you receive money, say prosperity affirmations such as, “I am grateful for this good because I know that it is a small sample of the Infinite Abundance that is now on its way to me.”

  • If you have a bill that is due and you don’t know how you are going to pay it, look at it and say, “I know that the Law of Abundance is now creating the right and perfect circumstances for this bill to be paid in full and on time.”

  • If you’re ready to serve more clients in your business, say a daily affirmation such as, “I know that my right and perfect clients are now attracted to my business. I am a blessing to them, and they are a blessing to me.”

Keep your mind focused on these ideas. They are seeds that you are planting in the Universal Soil. You don’t have to figure out how to make them happen. The Law of Abundance has the intelligence to bring them into your experience. And remember to “fertilize” the seeds that you have just planted by continuing to think thoughts of abundance and prosperity.

You need to train your mind to think of abundance and prosperity.

It Takes Commitment and Practice


Just like working with any new idea, using the Law of Abundance requires commitment and consistent practice on your part. Don’t become frustrated or upset if you don’t see immediate results. When you plant seeds, they don’t grow overnight. They take time to develop, grow, and flourish.

Have faith that you have planted good seeds of abundance and prosperity. Be consistent in “fertilizing your seeds.” When the time is right, you will be delighted with your harvest. 

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