How to Use Your Subconscious
Mind Power to Achieve Success

by Della Menechella

subconscious mind power

Can using your subconscious mind power correctly make a difference between achieving the business success you’ve been dreaming of or being stuck with miserable failure?

You bet it can!

If you’ve ever really wanted something, but you didn’t get it, there is a good chance that you didn’t understand how your subconscious works and the specific guidelines you need to follow if you want to manifest success.

Your Subconscious Mind Power and Success

Your subconscious mind power is the greatest tool you have in your toolbox to achieve success in your business and life. It is more important than any business strategy you use, because it is where you are connected to the limitless power of the universe.

Take a minute and think about this. Your subconscious mind is the point where you are personally connected to universal power. And this power is ready, willing, and able to do anything you tell it to do.

Your subconscious mind is the point where

you are personally connected to universal power.

Here some key points about your subconscious mind which you need to know.

  • It can create anything – The power of your subconscious mind can manifest any intention you want. It’s limitless in its capacity to bring positive results into your life. There’s only one thing that can possibly limit it, and that is your negative thinking. 

  • It isn’t restricted by the present - Your subconscious is not restricted by your current circumstances. If you want to manifest abundance and you are currently deep in debt, it doesn’t matter. Your subconscious mind power can easily take care of your debt problems and bring lavish prosperity into your life.

    Remember, it is limitless!

  • It is literal – Your subconscious mind takes you at your word. It is very literal. Whatever you say, it assumes that’s what you want, so be careful of the words that come out of your mouth.

    You are literally building your future by the words you are saying now. Say it today, live it tomorrow!

    If you find yourself saying things like, “I can’t afford that,” or “I’m not good at _____,” then change what you are saying immediately. Start saying things like, “I am choosing not to buy that right now,” or “I’m getting better at _____.” This creates an opening for the universe to change things for the better.


Other Guidelines for Working with Your Subconscious

  • You don’t have to settle – You might think you need to look at your current circumstances to decide what you can ask the universe for, but that isn’t true.

    For instance, if you are currently earning $50,000 per year in your business and you want to earn a higher income, you might set an intention to earn $75,000 per year because you think that is doable. However, you might really want to earn $100,000 but you don’t think it’s possible, so you are willing to settle for a lower number. 

    You don’t need to settle. Be honest about your desires. Your subconscious mind power can easily bring you what you really want -- as long as you believe it can.


  • Give clear cut instructions – Your subconscious does not do well with fuzzy instructions. Don’t just say, “I am manifesting abundance and prosperity.” What does that mean to you? If you don’t know what it specifically means to you, then your subconscious isn’t going to be able to figure it out and you probably won’t get the results you want.

    If, when you say abundance and prosperity, you mean having a net worth of $500,000, then say, “I am now thrilled that my net worth is $500,000.” This is a very specific intention and your subconscious mind power can work to bring it to you.


  • Create a picture with related feelings– A great way to supercharge the results you get from your subconscious mind is to visualize yourself as having already achieved your goal. Create a moving picture of you enjoying what you want. Experience all the wonderful feelings that go along with it.

    If you want to experience success and abundance, you might create a picture of you going into a luxury car dealership and being able to buy whatever you want because you have plenty of money. Feel the sense of freedom in not having to worry about money. Feel the joy of being able to buy something that makes you happy. Feelings cause your subconscious mind to move more quickly in bringing you what you want.

subconscious mind power techniques

  • Keep your mind focused on your goal – If you don’t see results immediately be careful not to waiver in your intention. Focus on your desired result and know that it is on its way to you. Envision yourself as having achieved your goal. I know this isn’t easy to do because doubts often creep in. But it is necessary.

    Your subconscious mind power works on your dominant thoughts so you must believe that you are going to get what you want. Think about success. Stay focused on what you want, knowing that the universe is bringing it to you at the right time.


Work With It So It Works For You

Your subconscious mind power is the greatest gift you have been given because it can create anything you want. When you work within the guidelines of how it operates and use them on a regular basis, you will be delighted with how successful and prosperous you can be!

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