Why You Aren’t Manifesting Your Dreams
Into Reality – And How You Can Fix It!

by Della Menechella

If you’re a woman entrepreneur who is struggling with manifesting your dreams into reality, you’re not alone. Many strong, powerful, women entrepreneurs just like you have the same problem. And this is the main reason why.

Because no one taught you how to work with the laws of the Universe to get what you want.

That is going to change because I am going to tell you what you’ve been doing wrong and what you need to do to fix it.

Manifesting Your Dreams Into Reality Errors

Are you making these seven common manifesting mistakes?  Take an honest assessment of where you stand with each of these errors. It doesn't matter how long you've been stuck because you have the power to change. And the starting point for change is being honest with where you are now. 

Focusing on What You Don’t Want - If something is showing up in your life that you don’t like, you are probably spending a lot of time thinking about it. This is very easy to do. Since it is right in front of your face, it can be very difficult to ignore. You might even have strong negative feelings about it.

But continually focusing on what you don’t want is not going to cause it to leave. It is going to do the exact opposite. There is a Universal Principle which states, ‘Whatever you focus on expands.”

So instead of thinking about what you don’t want, ask yourself, ‘What would I like instead?’ Spend time focusing on what you DO want and watch it grow into your reality.

Letting the Divine Choose - Another common mistake which blocks you from manifesting your dreams into reality is turning decisions over to the Divine. I often hear, “The Divine knows me. It knows what I want so I am going to let It decide what good to bring into my life.”

Here’s the Truth. The Divine loves and adores you. It has given you the power to direct the Universe to create what you want. But you can’t delegate this responsibility to the Divine. YOU must choose what you want.

How do you know what the perfect thing is for you to choose? It’s easy. Listen to your heart. The good that you want is also the good that the Divine wants for you. Be bold and claim your heart’s desires.


Not Being Definite - Many women entrepreneurs are very vague about what they want. They might say, “I want more prosperity.” “I want my business to be more successful.” But what does that mean?

The Universe does not understand vagueness. If you receive an extra dollar, is this what you mean by more sales and prosperity?

Be definite about what you want. Give the Universe clear instructions so it knows what to bring you.

Not Giving Directions - Another typical problem is not specifically authorizing the Universe to manifest your dreams into reality. You might daydream about being more prosperous or successful. But thinking about something occasionally does not have the power to create.

You must be serious that you intend to get what you want. No wishing and hoping. You must DECIDE. Give the Universe clear directions.

You are a powerful spiritual being. Whatever you demand of the Universal Law, it must manifest. Let the Universe know what you want and what you expect it to do for you.

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Outlining the Process - Another common mistake when you are trying to manifest your dreams is to determine the exact way you think it needs to happen. The Divine loves you and It wants only the best for you. The specific way you think your good should come to you might not be right for you. If you are unwilling to be open to other ways for your good to show up, then you are going to block your dreams from manifesting.

You should include all of the elements that you would like to be part of your manifestation, but leave the specific details up to the wisdom of the Universal Law.


Monitoring Progress - I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, ‘A watched pot doesn’t boil.’ This isn’t only true in cooking. It’s also true in realizing your dreams.

Don’t keep checking up on whether or not your dream is manifesting. It often takes time for what you want to come into your life. Divine timing is not necessarily your timing. If you keep focusing on the thought that nothing is changing (especially if you begin to worry about it), then you are giving new directions to the Universe. It thinks that’s what you are asking for and it will make sure that nothing changes.

Instead, focus on your dream. Know that you have placed an order with the Universe and that it is on its way to you.

Whatever you focus on expands.

Having Doubts - Doubts can definitely come up when you are trying to realize your dreams. But you must learn to manage them.

The number one key to manifesting your dreams into reality is simple. You must have faith that once you have let the Universe know what you want, it is doing it, even when you can’t see any evidence of it. Your faith fuels your manifestations. You must KNOW that you are working with a Divine Law and it will not fail you.

You Have the Power

As a spiritual woman entrepreneur, you have the authority and the power to manifest your dreams into reality. Take an honest look at how you are handling these common manifesting mistakes. If you find that you have been doing certain things incorrectly, then make the appropriate changes.

You have the right to live a healthy, happy, abundant, successful, and joyous life. The Universe is on your side. Work within its guidelines and watch how your dreams become your reality.

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