Are You Making This Law of Attraction
and Manifestation Mistake?

by Della Menechella

Law of attraction made easy

Recently, I spoke at a Law of Attraction and Manifestation event. While I was there, I met a woman who told me she knew the Law of Attraction was very powerful and that she was using it in her life. Before we parted she said, “I am a multi-millionaire.” She believed that saying this statement was enough to cause the Law of Attraction to manifest greater prosperity in her life.

This woman told me that she had certain dreams, but she couldn’t pursue them because she didn’t have enough money.  She spent a good portion of her time thinking about her money problems. What do you think the likelihood is that someone is going to be able to move from financial struggle to becoming a multi-millionaire just by affirming some statement once in a while?  I’m sure you can guess.

Slim to none.

The #1 Law of Attraction Mistake

This woman’s simplistic approach to the Law of Attraction and Manifestation is a mistake that many women unknowingly make. And it’s the #1 reason why they don’t get what they want.

Your consciousness is made up of your thoughts and beliefs and it creates your circumstances. You can say “I am rich” all day long, but if you spend most of your time focusing on financial challenges, you will be disappointed.

The biggest mistake that women make with the Law is trying to manifest a huge idea without first building up the necessary consciousness that supports what they want. You can definitely achieve big goals with the Law of Attraction and Manifestation because it has the power and intelligence to bring you anything you desire. However, you need to be honest with yourself about where your thoughts and beliefs are right now. 

If what you want is so far away from what you are currently manifesting, you need to develop a new consciousness.

The good news is that this is simple to do.

Build a Powerful Law of Attraction and Manifestation Consciousness

  • Build it in steps – If you want to be rich, but you are having financial struggles, don’t affirm that you are a millionaire. That is too big a jump for you to believe in. Every time you tell yourself, “I am a millionaire,” your mind is going to fight back.

    A better approach is to work to develop the consciousness that you are financially stable now. This is a much easier result for you to believe. Once you’ve manifested financial stability for a while, you can reach higher.

  • Direct the Law with intentions or treatments - Start decreeing, “I pay all of my bills in full, on time, with an abundance left over.” Don’t just repeat this over and over mindlessly.  Be very clear that when you are decreeing this, you are giving specific directions to the Universe, and it must comply. (If you want to learn an easy 6 step method to direct the Law of Attraction to manifest abundance and other blessings, click here.)  

  • Visualize the end result – See yourself paying your bills in full when they come in and having a surplus of money left over when they are all paid. Feel the sense of peace, freedom, and joy that comes with being financially self-sufficient.

  • Put the good stuff in – Every day, (and I do mean every day), read books or listen to audios about how the Universe works and how you can count on it to do what you want it to do. It is very easy to believe in lack and limitation. You want to build a strong foundation of faith in the Law of Attraction and Manifestation and, the way to do this, is to continually study it and other Universal Principles.

  • Monitor your thoughts/words – Pay attention to what you say. If you find yourself saying negative things such as, “I can’t afford that,” change your words. Say, “I am choosing not to buy that at this time.” You want to make sure that what you think and say during the day does not undo the good work you are doing to build the consciousness you want.

  • Take inspired action – Listen to your Inner Wisdom and take those actions you are guided to take to help you cooperate with the Universe. You want your actions to be alignment with the good that you want to experience.

  • Expect results – The final step is to expect that you will get the results of your spiritual work. Know that you are working with a Universal law which will produce the results you want, when you use it correctly.

Consistency is the Key

No matter what your current circumstances are, you can absolutely build a consciousness which will allow the Law of Attraction and Manifestation to bring you what you want. This process works, but you must use it consistently if you want to see results.

Try if for yourself. Work with the steps in this article, be consistent, have faith, and watch the wonderful things that can show up in your life.

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