You Can Overcome Negative Thoughts
Forever With This Simple Strategy

by Della Menechella

overcome negative thoughts

Do you struggle to overcome negative thoughts?

If you do, you’re not alone. Many women entrepreneurs find it difficult to take control of their negative thinking.

I used to struggle with this too until I discovered a simple technique that stopped my negative feelings from holding me hostage to doubt and fear.

How I Discovered It

I attended a webinar about how to release money blocks and during the training the teacher presented this well-known quote -

If you think you can, or you think you can’t,

you’re right.” ~ Henry Ford ~

I’ve used this quote in many of my workshops and there is a lot of power in it. It demonstrates that you can create whatever you want by the way you think.

While there is a lot of power in this quote, as soon as the teacher said it, I began to feel terrible.

Although I work with several powerful mental and spiritual practices to overcome negative thoughts, one of the beliefs that I often struggle with is, “No matter what I do, I won’t be successful.”

If the quote by Henry Ford was true, and I couldn’t get myself to think I could, then I was doomed! If I couldn’t change my negative feelings, then I had little chance of achieving my big goals.

Just the thought of this caused my chest to constrict and discouragement filled my entire body.

The Simple Strategy to Overcome Negative Thoughts

Because of what I learned in the webinar, I decided to make a tweak to Henry Ford’s quote. I changed it to,

“Whether I think I can or I think I can’t, 

I STILL find a way to achieve success.”

As soon as I said this to myself, my vibration immediately shifted. My fear became instantly neutralized. The energy in my chest became more expansive and open.

My thoughts turned to, “It doesn’t matter if I can’t get my thoughts and feelings to believe that I have what it takes; I’m STILL going to be successful.” So the new vibration I began offering the Law of Attraction was one of success. And now I have much greater faith that eventually I will be able to achieve my big goals.

Try it for Yourself

quotes about attidue

Think of some negative belief that keeps coming up for you regarding your ability to be successful in your business or with your finances. How does it feel in your body? Is it constrictive or open?

What happens when you tell yourself, “Even though I have this limiting belief, I STILL find a way to achieve success.” How does your energy feel now? Is it more expansive and freer?

It isn’t so much the thoughts you have, as it is the opinion you have about your thoughts, that determines your vibration. You don’t have to struggle so hard to get your thoughts into alignment with what you want. Just decide that, regardless of your thoughts, you will STILL be successful.

If you expect that you will be successful even if you aren’t able to totally control your negative feelings, then you will be successful! The Universe always brings you whatever you expect.

You don’t have to struggle so hard to get your

thoughts into alignment with what you want.

The Key to Success

The key to success to with overcoming negative thoughts on a long-term basis is to practice your new thought throughout the day so it gets integrated into your nervous system.

You want your brain to take you from, “I can’t be successful” to “It doesn’t matter if I think I can’t be successful, I STILL find a way to achieve success.” You need repetition and practice to get yourself to believe your new affirmation.

As your new affirmation drops deeper into your subconscious, and it changes what you expect (success), you will be amazed and delighted at the wonderful things that flow into your business and your life.

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